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Bossy knows how to be a boss, but doesn't know how to be a programmer. He hacks some lines of code together, and then asks others to fix his code for him. His code usually has a total number of issues some magnitudes greater than the total number of lines. He usually doesn't mind, since the bootloader will be used only for himself.


Pro's and Con's

Bossy can sleep more, since others will do the work for him. On the other side, he also has to idle regularly in the forums and/or in #osdev and give explanations for his bossy attitude.

Bossy's Bookshelf

Opponents Position

Bossy's opponents argue that it's more valuable to do research on your own, since it can pay-off in longterm. By doing research, people learn, and make their minds broader than before. Bossy's opponents also have to mention that they feel they lose time by answering to him.

People And OSes Related To Bossy

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