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The Interrupt List is a compendium of zipped textfiles that contain information about all the generic and manufacturer specific Real Mode BIOS interrupt calls on an x86 PC platform. It also contains generic and manufacturer specific information on I/O port calls for particular devices, memory regions, CMOS, and other hardware specs.

It features per-interrupt as well as per-service review of each BIOS service, including notes on which BIOS supports what, etc.

The Interrupt List

The current version number of the list is 61, and it was last updated on July 16, 2000.

The list itself is contained in 6 zipfiles, currently called inter61a.zip through inter61f.zip.

Each of the text files in each of the zipfiles contains as complete a set of specifications as possible on exactly how to use or interface to a particular interrupt command, I/O port, MSR, or other piece of equipment.

Most of the entries are specific to very particular pieces of software or hardware, and are therefore pretty useless if you aren't using, or intending to support, exactly that software or hardware. Sadly, the entries for interrupt and port calls that have been "standardized" are not easy to find.

Some of the most important included files and their contents are:

	INTERRUP.A	INT 00 through INT 10/BE  \
	INTERRUP.B	INT 10/BF through INT 15/0F\
	INTERRUP.C	INT 15/10 through INT 15/E7 \
	INTERRUP.D	INT 15/E8 through INT 1A/B0  \
	INTERRUP.E	INT 1A/B1 through INT 1F      \	  total 2520 pages at
	INTERRUP.F	INT 20 through INT 21/43       \  60 lines per page,
	INTERRUP.G	INT 21/44 through INT 21/5E	\ 2684 with INTPRINT -p
	INTERRUP.H	INT 21/5F through INT 21/E2	 >(8754 entries)
	INTERRUP.I	INT 21/E3 through INT 21/F1	/ (4135 tables)
	INTERRUP.J	INT 21/F2 through INT 25       /
	INTERRUP.K	INT 26 through INT 2F/15      /
	INTERRUP.L	INT 2F/16 through INT 2F/79  /
	INTERRUP.M	INT 2F/7A through INT 2F/D9 /
	INTERRUP.N	INT 2F/DA through INT 50   /
	INTERRUP.O	INT 51 through INT 61	  /
	INTERRUP.P	INT 62 through INT 6A	 /
	INTERRUP.Q	INT 6B through INT 91	/
	INTERRUP.R	INT 92 through INT FF  /
	CMOS.LST	a description of the CMOS RAM data bytes
	PORTS.A		a listing of I/O ports 0000h-013Fh
	PORTS.B		a listing of I/O ports 0140h-0AD5h
	PORTS.C		a listing of I/O ports 0AD6h-FFFFh
  • inter61a.zip is 353K, and contains Interrup.a through Interrup.d
  • inter61b.zip is 356K, and contains Interrup.e through Interrup.i
  • inter61c.zip is 503K, and contains Interrup.j through Interrup.n
  • inter61d.zip is 713K, and contains Interrup.o through Interrup.r, Cmos.lst, and Ports.a, b, and c
  • inter61e.zip is 266K, and contains some utility programs
  • inter61f.zip is 517K, and contains hypertext programs to view the Interrupt List files through Windows and other Helpfile systems

Each zipfile expands to well over a Meg of files.

Other information from/about Ralf Brown

He is a computer science professor, who also collects information about PCI, and many other tools for programmers. He has some other computer related causes he supports.

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