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AC'97 is an audio codec standard developed by Intel Architecture Labs in 1997. It defines a set of registers that can be used to control the audio input and output parameters of an audio device. It does not include details concerning how to access these registers, however. The device specific hardware driver must provide access to these registers before they can be used by the system.

Mixer Registers

Offset (Hex) Name Start values
00 Reset -
02 Master Volume 0x8000
04 Aux Out Volume 0x8000
06 Mono Volume 0x8000
08 Master Tone 0x0F0F
0A PC Beep Volume 0x0000
0C Phone Volume 0x8008
0E Mic Volume 0x8008
10 Line In Volume 0x8808
12 CD Volume 0x8808
14 Video Volume 0x8808
16 Aux In Volume 0x8808
18 PCM Out Volume 0x8808
1A Record Select 0x0000
1C Record Gain 0x8000
1E Record Gain Mic 0x8000
20 General Purpose 0x0000
22 3D Control 0x0000

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