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Mister Perfect wants to write a perfect operating system, as he looks at all the flaws current operating systems have. He researches many design and implementation possibilities in order to decide what is better. He starts over multiple times in order to assure quality and perfectness.


Pro's and Con's

Mister Perfect wants to fulfill his goal, therefore he writes quality code. Furthermore, in order to broaden his perspective, he may start interesting discussions that benefit other people too.

On the other side, his OS is almost never released, as his progress is really slow. He might sometimes seem elitist.

Mister Perfect's Bookshelf

Almost every book about OS design can be used to broaden his perspective.

Opponents Position

Opponents of Mister Perfect tend to claim that the chances of success of an OS derived from the OSDev community are zero, therefore it is not beneficial to spend too much time trying to write a perfect operating system.

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