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I (Columbus 15:41, 28 November 2014 (CST)) thought, that it would be a good idea to document the discussion and shorten down the thoughts that were made in it. I don't want to expand the discussion to the wiki. Don't we play very often devil's advocate in the forums, when we come up with some very special idea? I want to document these ideas, so we help others to think out of the box, or to tell, why we are in the box we are now.





The idea was to code using a Language in which the different statements were XML nodes. It was also discussed, how an IDE for this "Language" would look like, or what it could do. Some part of the discussion was about the way someone shows the code. In an assembly kind of way, or an C# or XML kind of way.


The first idea was, to use XML because it extremely structured/hierarchical.


Some people said it doesn't support functions so well. And leads to complicated function calls or variable declarations. Also the code would get much more complicated that it would be in a more common language like C or Assembly. This was due to the "unusable" syntax. The tags must be closed. With a complete repeat of the tag at the beginning, while in other languages one can just write }, ] or ).

One post said:"Congratulations, you win the verbosity award!"

Another problem was, how to differentiate between different usages of assembly instructions like "mov eax, ebx", "mov eax, 32". There wasn't a good way to do that in the proposed XML-type Language.

Then there was XML itself, which was called as "worse for everything". Because of "worse readability and efficiency". But this is debatable.

Everything is an Object


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