Real mode assembly appendix A

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This is the appendix of the real mode assembly bare bones series, containing nifty tidbits of information, code, and ideas.


Links to other articles with code


Text in 640x480 16-colour graphics mode

VGA video mode 12h is a 640x480 resolution, in which (with a little tweaking) can be used with your string printing function. All you have to do is add a mov bh,07h to allow regular coloured printing in graphics mode. At the moment, the cursor is disabled. You must find a way to eliminate it or do up a function specifically for printing in graphics mode.

80x60 text mode

As far as I can tell, there is no way to do this with standard VGA modes. If anyone has done this, please tell by emailing me at blasterman95 _AT_ gmail _DOT_ com or by PM'ing me on the forums! Thanks!

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