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Leon Sparc Documentation

Historical Documentation for Sun Sparc Hardware

I/O Programming

All early SparcStations used the Z8530 serial chip as well as the Ultra 1. Ultra 5 and 10 use the SAB82532.

As qemu emulates mostly early SparcStations at this point it may be best to start there.

Serial chips specific documentation

Note that on SparcStations, the Z8530 is controlled through a an Sbus to Ebus bridge via the slave I/O controller and is not programmed directly refer to the system manuals. EBus is a slow 8 bit peripheral bus.

The Slavio chip controls serial, nvram, TOD clock etc.

The Macio chip controls Onboard Ethernet, SCSI , and


WANTED: "NCR SBus I/O Chipset Data Manual" as it should provide more complete documetation of these Macio/Slavio chips

The System technical manuals often include some detailed information about programming the perpherials the Force computer and 3gx manuals look to be good references.

QEMU by default emualtes a sparcstation 5 so a system almost exactly like the sparcbook 3 with the exception of the graphics card being different TCX or GX Note that QEMU only emulates the TCX graphics adapter at the moment. The 8bit GX adapter is probably the most common on real hardware however with several variations some with more video memory.

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