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Bit shifting error in second code sample

 // Create the high 32 bit segment
 descriptor  =  limit       & 0x000F0000;
 descriptor |= (flag <<  8) & 0x00F0FF00;
 descriptor |= (base >> 16) & 0xFF0000FF;

At the last line, the upper 8 bits will always be 0. What is the proper shifting?

Thanks. Fixed on the page. John 14:07, 13 June 2012 (CDT)

This is one of the worst pages on this wiki.

This whole page is in recipe format, and its author certainly have never read any books. The page has very poor vocabulary, it is full of lists and code snippets as a alternative to explain something and titles end with question mark and use first person as subject.

Wonderful. Sadly half of "tutorials" here are made following this recipe format guideline.

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