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Identifying HDA

I suggested using the Class code (4h) and subclass (3h) to identify HDA, but the specification doesn't spell that out as the correct method. If there is any case where that doesn't work, please edit these pages to say so.

Widget arrangement in codecs

To help work out the rules for connecting things up, it would be useful to have a better understanding of how variable different AFG codecs can be. My machine has a Realtek codec with Vendor ID 10ECh and Device ID 0662h, and that information led me to its datasheet and a map showing how its widgets are connected together. If anyone reading this can supply the Vendor ID and Device ID for the AFG codec in their machine, that'll help us all come up with better rules to follow so that our software will have more chance of working on any machine that supports Intel HD Audio.Davidcooper 13:09, 11 November 2015 (CST)

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