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QEMU Bugs?

I just removed the following interjection from the page:

The PIT isn't emulated properly on QEMU/VirtualBox. 
Use real machines or Bochs to test it (if you delay 
function works well on QEMU this doesn't mean it will 
work on a real machine). There is also a piece of bad 
PIT code in books, so look out!!!

This isn't helpful at all - it doesn't say what specific emulated behaviour is a trait of QEMU, what the code being used is, and what the related fix would have to be. If an issue, it might have better been filed as a bug at QEMU itself, or it might be a problem specific to the poster. In all, we already know that QEMU is lacking in many more corners than the typical differences in physical hardware, but the combination of the PIT and QEMU has never been mentioned on the forums so there's no reason at all to mention this here without knowing the details. - Combuster 04:54, 30 May 2012 (CDT)

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