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My Background

I am a purely hobby-programer, who started out back on a BBC B Micro back in the 1980's at the age of 5 (using BASIC from a simple starter guide). I worked my way through various PC's from the 286 and DOS 5.0 upwards.

Once I got interested in programming PC's instead of the old BBC, I started with QBASIC, VB 1 (for DOS) and worked my way through all the Windows Versions from 3.1 with VB3, to Windows 98 with VB5.

My language of choice took a turn towards the 'C'-style languages in about 2002, and C# with XAML is now my Windows language of choice. I am relatively proficient in x86 Assembly, having written several test boot environments and my OS Dev language of choice is C++, in which I consider myself pretty good (always room for improvement!).

When I get time, I go back to my hobby project, CBoot / Caracal, but time is becoming increasingly rare.

My Main Wiki Contributions

I have either written the followng pages from scratch, or have replaced stub pages for the following articles:

  • El-Torito: Writing a boot loader for no-emulation El-Torito Compliant CD's.
  • ISO 9660: Accessing files on an ISO 9660 format CD.
  • "Building GMP": GMP and MPFR became dependencies of GCC with version 4.3.0. Later, the article was split in to "Building GMP" and "Building MPFR".

(And later still, removed in favor of using the system package manager, but good work nevertheless.) -- Solar 08:13, 6 May 2010 (UTC)

I have helped out with or added to the following articles:

  • GCC Cross-Compiler: A personal favorite! Although I didn't write any of the original article (I believe thanks goes to Solar for that one), I often check the tutorial against new GCC / Binutils releases and addedd Building GMP and Building MPFR when they became dependencies. I also added information on compiling libgcc with your configured build path.
  • GCC Cross-Compiler for x86 64‎: As with GCC Cross-Compiler, I occasionally check the build process with new GCC versions.

My other contributions: Special:Contributions/Aj

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