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There is not really much to tell about me, really. I started programming when I was about 14 years old. I first started out with C++, then stopped and started Visual Basic because I had some good documentation. But after a week, I felt Visual Basic didn't give me quite the thrill C++ did, so I dropped Visual Basic and started out with C++ again. Quite crazy, huh?



I've been doing a lot of projects of which very few have been released out on the internet.

Online Projects

  • Dedicated++ - A utility tool for servers in Jedi Knight 2 (even I play games).

Projects Which Never Saw The Bright Internet Light

  • Black Serpent - SDL/OpenGL Snake Clone.
  • UIX - User Interface Extension - a GUI library for SDL.
  • Box Guy 1 and 2 - A Block Dude SDL Game and its successor.
  • Asteroid Chaos - An Asteroid OpenGL clone.
  • AudioTech - A simple audio console player that plays loads of formats.
  • AutoRestore - An application running in the background that notifies of closing applications and restarts them if requested.
  • Back In BlackJack - A .NET BlackJack clone.
  • Simple TaskMan - A (very) simple .NET task mananger.
  • Boot Tuner - Utility for viewing and modifying Windows startup entries.
  • Colour 2 CSS - Utility tool that converts coloured text to inline CSS.

Operating System

Like almost everyone on these forums and wiki, I also have an OS I create in my spare time. It is called Dynamix. There's not really much to say about it, the only reason I started the project is purely for auto-didactic purposes. I tend to experiment with things every now and then, but apart from that my OS can't really do anything shiny.

User Pages

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