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The Timer interrupt handler doesn't have to do much: the Periodic Interval Timer chip doesn't need any steps to acknowledge the interrupt it generated. That means that the handler just has to:

  • Save the registers it's going to use;
  • Acknowledge the interrupt in the PIC;
  • CALL the generic Task Switching code;
  • Restore the registers;
  • Return to the interrupted code.

Note that if a Task Switch occurred, the code that was resumed in the last step won't be the actual code that was interrupted: that code has been paused until the Task Scheduler gets back around to it.

; Ints/
; This module implements the Timer interrupt handler.
; It simply performs some housekeeping and then calls the generic Task
; Switching code.
                PUSH            EAX             ; Need this register
                MOV             AL,Dev.PIC.Cmd.EOI ; Acknowledge interrupt in PIC
                OUT             Dev.PIC.A.Cmd,AL   ; (Note interrupts still off)
                CALL            Ints.Switch     ; Switch Task
                POP             EAX
                IRETD                           ; And return where we left off
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