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You could have a lot of fun with the huge number of strings in this Sector. To be truly ISO 9660 compliant, none of them should contain lowercase letters, and a couple (ISO.Primary.Volume and ISO.Primary.VolumeSet) should only hold uppercase letters and/or numbers - no punctuation or spaces!

Over time these restrictions have been relaxed, and many systems that understand ISOs will happily work with any ASCII characters.

Note that some fields don't define what you think: they're actually the ISO names of files in the Root Directory that are supposed to contain the indicated information - ISO.Primary.Copyright, ISO.Primary.Abstract and ISO.Primary.Biblio.


; Pad/ISO/
; This file defines the Primary Volume Sector for the ISO image.
%define         Version.System          Version.Program, " ", Version.Copyright, " v.", Version.String
%define         ISO.Primary.System      Version.System
%define         ISO.Primary.Volume      Version.Name
%define         ISO.Primary.VolumeSet   ""
%define         ISO.Primary.Publisher   Version.Author
%define         ISO.Primary.Preparer    Version.Author
%define         ISO.Primary.Application "NASM ( ", \
                                        __NASM_VER__, " ", __DATE__, " ", __TIME__
%define         ISO.Primary.Copyright   ""      ; Name of file in Root
%define         ISO.Primary.Abstract    ""      ; Name of file in Root
%define         ISO.Primary.Biblio      ""      ; Name of file in Root
ISO.Sector.Primary    EQU               ISO.Sectors
%assign               ISO.Sectors       ISO.Sectors + 1
.Header         ISO.Volume.Header       ISO.Volume.Header.Type.Primary, 1
                DB              00h
.SystemID       DB              ISO.Primary.System ; (Uppercase and punctuation)
                TIMES           (32-($-.SystemID)) DB ' '
.VolumeID       DB              ISO.Primary.Volume
                TIMES           (32-($-.VolumeID)) DB ' ' ; (Uppercase only)
                TIMES           8 DB 00h
.TotalSectors   ISO.Endian.DWord ISO.Sector.Last
                TIMES            32 DB 00h
.VolumeSetSize  ISO.Endian.Word  1              ; Number of Volumes in this Set
.VolumeSeqNum   ISO.Endian.Word  1              ; Which number Volume this is
.LogicalSize    ISO.Endian.Word  ISO.Sector.Size
.PathTableSize.Little DD         ISO.Endian.Little.DWord(ISO.PathTable.Little.Size)
.PathTableSize.Big    DD         ISO.Endian.Big.DWord(ISO.PathTable.Big.Size)
.PathTable.1.Little   DD         ISO.Endian.Little.DWord(ISO.Sector.PathTable.Little)
.PathTable.2.Little   DD         ISO.Endian.Little.DWord(0) ; Optional, so blank
.PathTable.1.Big      DD         ISO.Endian.Big.DWord(ISO.Sector.PathTable.Big)
.PathTable.2.Big      DD         ISO.Endian.Big.DWord(0)    ; Optional, so blank
.RootDirectory  ISO.Dir.Root     ISO.Sector.Root, ISO.Dir.Flag.Dir, 1, 0
.VolumeSetID    DB               ISO.Primary.VolumeSet ; (Uppercase only)
                TIMES            (128-($-.VolumeSetID)) DB ' '
.PublisherID    DB               ISO.Primary.Publisher ; (Uppercase and punctuation)
                TIMES            (128-($-.PublisherID)) DB ' '
.PreparerID     DB               ISO.Primary.Preparer ; (Uppercase and punctuation)
                TIMES            (128-($-.PreparerID)) DB ' '
.ApplicationID  DB               ISO.Primary.Application ; (Uppercase and punctuation)
                TIMES            (128-($-.ApplicationID)) DB ' '
.CopyrightFile  DB               ISO.Primary.Copyright
                TIMES            (37-($-.CopyrightFile)) DB ' '
.AbstractFile   DB               ISO.Primary.Abstract
                TIMES            (37-($-.AbstractFile)) DB ' '
.BiblioFile     DB               ISO.Primary.Biblio
                TIMES            (37-($-.BiblioFile)) DB ' '
.CreateDate     ISO.DateTime
.ModifyDate     ISO.DateTime
.ExpiryDate     DB               "9999123123595999",-48 ; Basically never...
.EffectiveDate  ISO.DateTime
.StructureVer   DB               01h
.Reserved       DB               00h
.PrivateUse     TIMES            512 DB 00h
.Padding        EQU             ISO.Sector.Size - ($ - ISO.Volume.Primary)
                TIMES           .Padding    DB 00h
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