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I'm mr_woggle (mrwoggle on these forums, because the under square is somehow not allowed)

I like developing OSes, just because of the mere beauty of it! I like to keep things simple. By simple I don't mean that I avoid setting up a MMU or somehow desire that my OS runs in real mode. By simple I mean that I don't want to overly rely on IDEs, bloated toolchains, complex libraries and powerful bootloaders.

This is the stuff I use:

  • C & Assembly
  • Simple makefiles
  • VIM editor

If you also (just) started developing OSes, please link on: Github. I think it is a great way to watch other people's progress!

As you probably can tell, I'm a Lino Commando kind of guy [1]. If I see $ or # or > I'm good to go. I'm not only interested in x86, but also in ARM and RISC-V.

As of late I took an interest in the Cortex M3. I somehow trying to convert my i386 knowledge to the ARM platform. I have some shitty Chinese development boards.

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