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I'm mr_woggle (mrwoggle on these forums, because the under square is somehow not allowed) If you like developing OSes, please link on: Github. I think it is a great way to watch other people's progress!


I like developing OSes, just because of the mere beauty of it! I like to keep things simple. By simple I don't mean that I avoid setting up a MMU or somehow desire that my OS runs in real mode. By simple I mean that I don't want to overly rely on IDEs, bloated toolchains, complex libraries and powerful bootloaders.

X86 is not the only architecture. Unix is not the only way. Why start with GDT and paging, when you can start off with much simpler and fun stuff?

Stuff I use and know about

  • C & Assembly
  • Simple makefiles
  • VIM editor


Xinu for STM32

Xinu for STM32 is a port of the arm version of Xinu. Xinu is a small, elegant operating system that supports dynamic process creation, dynamic memory allocation, network communication, local and remote file systems, a shell, and device-independent I/O functions. The small size makes Xinu suitable for embedded environments.
Github: Xinu for STM32

Cortex-M3 from scratch

The name says it all: everything from scratch.
Github: Cortex-M3 from scratch


As you probably can tell, I'm a Lino Commando kind of guy [1]. If I see $ or # or > I'm good to go. I'm not only interested in x86, but also in ARM and RISC-V. As of late I took an interest in the low powered MCUs. I somehow trying to convert my i386 knowledge to the ARM platform. I have some shitty Chinese development boards.

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