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AQUA is a 32 bit operating system. I combines a nice, natural and speedy graphical user interface with a whole bunch of APIs for developers. It even comes bundled with its own scripting language, AQUA Script. There are also a lot of available drivers, like a serial driver, for communicating with micro controllers like the Arduino. It also has a 3D engine, a HTML parser, some apps to play around with, and soon, a virtual assistant. It will be streamlined with the user interface, not replacing it, but working together with it. An example of this, is machine learning. If you do some actions routinely, AQUA will learn, and try and automatically do some actions for you. An example of this is, that each day, you open up the drawing application at 7:30. Then, if you do this enough times around about 7:30, the AQUA will then prompt you, at 7:30, each day, asking if you want to open up the draw application.

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