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About me

I am PeterX, in real life Peter Wiehe, in games Trox or Pebblerubble. I'm a slow programmer (and a mediocre one) and make quite some mistakes.

I live in Muenster in NRW in Germany.

Currently I'm developing

Raw OS, a primitive OS. In GPL3.0. Only for UEFI 64bit PC. As part of it: A linker.

Computer related stuff

I love coding in Assembler, C, Scheme, Python. (Pretty much in that order.)

I hate overcomplicated software/things like the Linux kernel, Mach/Hurd, the X Window system, inline assembly and C++. I prefer simple software like JWM, vim, mousepad.

Despite hating the Linux source code, I use a Desktop PC with GNU/Linux, at the time of writing this, Manjaro (formerly I used Xubuntu).

I like to install different Linux distributions and exotic OS (As long as they are stable and don't have serious bugs which make them unusable.) For example, if they get more bug-free: Haiku, ReactOS, Hurd, Managarm and Phantom OS.

I'm sparing my money for an UEFI PC to develop OS on that. (In the meantime I struggle with OVMF on Qemu.


  • some generic bootsectors (not very great)
  • a tool to write a byte to a file (including a disk) at a chosen offset

Not much, eh?

Private stuff

I don't like double standards, extreme cruelty and recklessness.

My music taste is _very_ eclectic. My all-time favorites are Queen, Peter Tosh and Bob Marley.

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