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About me

I am PeterX, in real life Peter Wiehe, in games Trox or Pebblerubble. I'm a slow programmer (and a mediocre one) and make quite some mistakes.

I fit into the following archetype categories:

I live in M√ľnster (Muenster) in NRW in Germany.

Currently I'm developing

  • Smudeco/Raw OS, UEFI dev/primitive OS. Only for UEFI x64.
  • Bedit, a GUI editor for build scripts.

Computer related stuff

I love coding in Assembler, C, C++, Scheme. (Pretty much in that order.)

I hate overcomplicated software/things like the Linux kernel, Mach/Hurd, the X Window system, inline assembly and C++. I prefer simple software like JWM, vim, mousepad.

Despite hating the Linux kernel source code, I use a Desktop PC with GNU/Linux, at the time of writing this, Xubuntu (because apt supports a lot of software).

I'm sparing my money for an UEFI PC to develop OS on that. In the meantime I use OVMF on Qemu.


  • some generic bootsectors (not very great)
  • a tool to write a byte to a file (including a disk) at a chosen offset

Not much, eh?

Private stuff

I don't like double standards, extreme cruelty and recklessness.

My music taste is very eclectic. My all-time favorites are Queen, Peter Tosh and Bob Marley.

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