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I have... returned.

I am finally getting somewhere with my work, even if I am mostly focusing on the toolchain at the moment, and I have Big Plans for the eventual implementation of my new language, Thelema, my assembler, Assiah, and my operating system, Kether.

Oh, and regarding the .sig: Yes, it's true, Lisp and Scheme programmers often - indeed, in my experience almost always - get at least a glimmer of that glorious Illumination (fnord) experience that is so hard to explain to those who haven't had it themselves, this beautiful vision of understanding and seeing it all make sense and just seem so right... an experience that inevitably is spoiled when you come back down to earth and realize that the elegance you just envisioned is almost impossible in real life. Ah, well.

Lispers are not the only ones who get this - Smalltalk and Forth programmers get it fairly often too, and some assembly programmers seem to as well - but it seems to be most common with Lisp (if you pardon the pun). It really is difficult to express how simply perfect it seems to those who haven't had the same experience, and even those who do tend to come away from it with different answers as to what it means. I guess it really is a religious experience, in a sense.

I may be setting OS-dev aside for a while (again) due to other projects which take precedence. We'll see how that goes.

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