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Hello everyone.

I'm [David Mott]. I began programming at 9 on a Commador 64 and have spent the better part of my life recieving trace radation from a CRT. My hair has fallen out but my eye sight is 20/20. With the advent of LCDs my gums have stopped bleeding.

I've been a professional programmer for nearly 20 years, mostly contract work. I've been employed by a fantastic email and messaging company since 2006 and hope to retire from it. I'm an electronics and robotics hobbiest and work on my OS in my spare time. I'm now about a quarter the way through my new kernel. The last kernel I wrote was nearly fully functional, it just ended up being a bunch of unmanagable assembler spagetti code so it got scraped. The latest kernel is mostly in C/C++. Open Watcom is the compiler of choice. JWASM adds a nice familiar macro syntax to the mix as well.

I'll try to contribute to the WIKI as I have time. Most everything is well laid out and already covered but there's a few places I plan to contribute, perhaps a tutorial or two somewhere.

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