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Thanks for removing OS365, I'm not developing it now. --Catnikita255 23:31, 24 December 2015 (CST)


University of Osdev

I don't think everyone gets the joke. Glauxosdever 03:29, 16 July 2016 (CDT)

Honestly, it's obvious. This is just a website for hobbyists. It's obviously not an university. The joke is appropriate because the sentence was about peer-review, which is important, and is commonly done at universities. If someone isn't smart enough to figure it out, they probably aren't smart enough to succeed at this site. Besides, this is my personal page, regular users are not supposed to come here, and if it was an university, the front page would have said so. Regardless, I don't want you specifically to edit my user page in the future. --Sortie 07:59, 16 July 2016 (CDT)

Can I see your OS? Maybe I'm missing something, but I can't seem to find a link to your work! I'm interested to see what your hobby work looks like! :) --Ajxs 01:53, 14 March 2018 (CDT)

Sure: I work on Sortix. I updated my user page with that information, thanks.

Reply to "[edit] Warning: Please stop worsening the project lists"

> Hi. I'm a wiki admin and I reverted your changes to Notable_Projects and Projects for the reasons outlined in the edit messages, and now you have restored the changes, starting an edit war.

Sorry, but it is you who fired the first shots in this edit war. In example, just because you think that floppies are not important (maybe just because your OS is too fat to fit there), you have simply removed the floppy availability information without even bringing this issue to the Talk page

> This is an official wiki warning to stop making these wiki pages worse

If you would look at my contributions history, you will see that I spent the huge amount of time to update the very outdated Projects pag. Just look at its miserable state before my arrival at December 2017.

If you will keep insisting that I am making these wiki pages worse, that I am not welcome here, I could simply remove ALL my contributions from this wiki

> The notable projects page is meant to contain the larger, sustained projects, that have a good degree of notability, and serves as useful bases for people to learn osdev from; or projects that are very far and very notable (even if they are currently inactive) ...

Your opinion about the notable projects is obviously biased, because - as a hobby OS author - you have a huge conflict of interest there. Hobby OS authors should not be allowed to modify the Notable Projects page at all (except from their own entry, and only if it has been added by another person). E.g. it could be that all the other people agree with me that your OS is not notable, but you are overpowering everyone simply because somehow you became an admin

Most importantly, I do not agree with Snowdrop OS removal, and Temple OS removal just because you hate its' author

Notability of OS should be decided by the people, not by a biased hobby OS author who is also an admin somehow

> Please don't accuse wiki admins of vandalism for trying to undo your changes that are really difficult to undo because you make many edits

In particular it took me several hours to gather the floppy availability information. You simply removed it because you think "if I don't care about floppies than nobody else is caring" - without even bringing this issue to the talk page. Now you remove it again. How thats not a vandalism? By definition, vandalism is destroying other people's hard work. You are destroying mine

> (I've tried to preserve the edits you made that I agree with).

can't see that - you have simply reverted. all the date updates have been lost

> Floppy support really is an irrelevant part of operating systems, a much more interesting thing would be whether it's a microkernel or monolithic, or whether there's an ARM64 port, or so on.

OK, how about - instead of destroying other people's work - you add some of your own? Do not remove "floppy availability" information - instead, gather the "kernel type" information and add this as a new category. Don't forget to draw a nice icon as well. Lets see how much time it would take, and would you be angry if someone else simply removes your "kernel type" category without even discussion at the Talk pages

> It seems personal that you removed my Sortix operating system, which should be objectively notable by osdev standards since it's been covered a number of times on various sites

Temple OS has also been covered a number of times, actually its much more famous than Sortix and has a lot of forks with added functionality such as networking. But you hate its' author - and suddenly it is "not notable" as decided by our wise admin

> I will be forced to revoke your wiki edit privileges

Dont forget to remove all my previous contributions from this wiki then, if I am not welcome there

about your message on my page

I'm not "update3" but I value his/her work and have been using update3's archived old version of page (latest before you removed the floppy info) for a long time. Like him/her I am putting these floppies inside the opensource coreboot bios of my laptop. And it is quite convenient to open a page with OS projects and Ctrl+F by "Floppy available" to see the possible floppy candidates to put inside your BIOS. Maybe the other media types are also important, however I don't value them as much and I'm afraid that even if I would spend a lot of time to gather the information for other media types, you can simply remove it without any reasonable discussion, just because you feel like it.

> There's a lot more important aspects of operating systems to focus on, like whether they're installable

Well, if there's a floppy version of some OS, that means it is "installable" inside of opensource coreboot bios, and that is why this is very important by your own definition!

Will be waiting for your reply, meanwhile - aside from some very minor edits perhaps - I am not going to contribute anything to OSDev wiki because you could simply remove all my edits, while not creating anything of your own

Would be nice if you could at least give a

Would be nice if you could at least give a Yes / No reply, just interesting to know if you need contributors for OS Dev wiki or you prefer to leave it as-is or "almost as-is"

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