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Good day, stranger ;) My primary goal at this wiki is to update the heavily outdated Projects page
Also I created 5 nice new icons for OSProject template - the old icons from 2007 year were so ugly :D

Warning: Please stop worsening the project lists

Hi. I'm a wiki admin and I reverted your changes to Notable_Projects and Projects for the reasons outlined in the edit messages, and now you have restored the changes, starting an edit war. This is an official wiki warning to stop making these wiki pages worse. The notable projects page is meant to contain the larger, sustained projects, that have a good degree of notability, and serves as useful bases for people to learn osdev from; or projects that are very far and very notable (even if they are currently inactive). It's not a top 10 (or top 11) list of projects (although we may want to reduce it to no more than a few dozen). Your top 10 list is biased towards systems that aren't the best examples to learn from, in my personal opinion, though many of them are fine, I don't really see evidence that some of them are notable (and there are more notable ones you omit). Please don't accuse wiki admins of vandalism for trying to undo your changes that are really difficult to undo because you make many edits (I've tried to preserve the edits you made that I agree with). Floppy support really is an irrelevant part of operating systems, a much more interesting thing would be whether it's a microkernel or monolithic, or whether there's an ARM64 port, or so on. I'll revert your recent changes. I don't have time to do surgical reverts of your changes. It seems personal that you removed my Sortix operating system, which should be objectively notable by osdev standards since it's been covered a number of times on various sites. Feel free to make your own top 10 (or 11) list in your personal namespace. If you continue this edit war, I will be forced to revoke your wiki edit privileges. --Sortie 16:52, 15 April 2018 (CDT)

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