Virtual Floppy Drive

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Virtual Floppy Drive mounts a floppy disk image in a similar fashion to using a UNIX loop device as a normal floppy disk. You can then access the disk image by all normal means including disk editors (of course, not fdisk). It runs under Windows NT/2000/XP and possibly also 2003 and Vista (32-bit only, 64-bit requires extra compilation, see the link to the homepage below).


This tool is used similarly to filedisk. After installing and starting the device driver with:

vfd.exe install /AUTO
vfd.exe start

You can mount and unmount the floppy using:

vfd.exe mount floppy_image.img /L:b
vfd.exe unmount

where /L:b instructs the driver to use drive B: for the virtual floppy.

VFD 2.1

In this newer version, the GUI has been expanded and VFD can be integrated into the Windows shell. This way, by assigning the application to the correct file types, you can simply double-click the floppy image and VFD will take care of the rest.