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Printing to the screen without the BIOS

I know this is starting to look like a half-baked tutorial in assembly, but there's actually a reason behind my madness. Namely, solving as many problems as possible before switching to Protected mode etc. will lessen the confusion a great deal.

This example prints a string and the contents of a memory location (which is the first letter of the string in video memory). It is meant to demonstrate printing to screen in text mode without using BIOS, as well as converting hex so it can be displayed -- so we can check register and memory values.

A stack is included, but only used by call and ret.

; nasmw boot.asm -f bin -o boot.bin
; partcopy boot.bin 0 200 -f0
[ORG 0x7c00]      ; add to offsets
   xor ax, ax    ; make it zero
   mov ds, ax   ; DS=0
   mov ss, ax   ; stack starts at 0
   mov sp, 0x9c00   ; 2000h past code start
   mov ax, 0xb800   ; text video memory
   mov es, ax
   mov si, msg   ; show text string
   call sprint
   mov ax, 0xb800   ; look at video mem
   mov gs, ax
   mov bx, 0x0000   ; 'W'=57 attrib=0F
   mov ax, [gs:bx]
   mov  word [reg16], ax ;look at register
   call printreg16
   jmp hang
dochar:   call cprint         ; print one character
sprint:   lodsb      ; string char to AL
   cmp al, 0
   jne dochar   ; else, we're done
   add byte [ypos], 1   ;down one row
   mov byte [xpos], 0   ;back to left
cprint:   mov ah, 0x0F   ; attrib = white on black
   mov cx, ax    ; save char/attribute
   movzx ax, byte [ypos]
   mov dx, 160   ; 2 bytes (char/attrib)
   mul dx      ; for 80 columns
   movzx bx, byte [xpos]
   shl bx, 1    ; times 2 to skip attrib
   mov di, 0        ; start of video memory
   add di, ax      ; add y offset
   add di, bx      ; add x offset
   mov ax, cx        ; restore char/attribute
   stosw              ; write char/attribute
   add byte [xpos], 1  ; advance to right
   mov di, outstr16
   mov ax, [reg16]
   mov si, hexstr
   mov cx, 4   ;four places
   rol ax, 4   ;leftmost will
   mov bx, ax   ; become
   and bx, 0x0f   ; rightmost
   mov bl, [si + bx];index into hexstr
   mov [di], bl
   inc di
   dec cx
   jnz hexloop
   mov si, outstr16
   call sprint
xpos   db 0
ypos   db 0
hexstr   db '0123456789ABCDEF'
outstr16   db '0000', 0  ;register value string
reg16   dw    0  ; pass values to printreg16
msg   db "What are you doing, Dave?", 0
times 510-($-$$) db 0
db 0x55
db 0xAA
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