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  • Basic Packet Format
  • Explain usage of 0x60 and 0x64 port.
  • Explain whole mouse driver better. I can't understand since i readed it 571 times.
  • Extended Modes (wheel and five-button mode)
  • Cursor display
  • Anything else...?


Oops, forgot to mention why I had to revert the last couple of changes. It was a direct copypasta from an article that wasn't our own. Copyright is an important issue.

Did the first two

Could still put in a pretty wiki graphic to show the bits in first packet byte. Fourth packet byte is so variable that a graphic seems impractical.

And I didn't cover cursor display at all. That seems like it doesn't belong in a hardware article? Bewing 01:25, 15 November 2007 (CST)

You do not understand him, Bewing. He said that this wiki page could have some graphics bitmap instead of tables for packets. This is good idea because then users would better understand that packet.--Lukaandjelkovic 12:55, 18 May 2016 (CDT)


add the graphic wiki style ( however it will be good, if someone who can "extend" those bitmaps ( Z movement and those with only 1 ..)

a cursor is a "GUI" thing, however explaning about movement direction would might be a good ider ?

KMT dk

Packet Information?

At the end of the 'Mouse Packet Info' header, it says: "The bottom 3 bits of the first byte indicate whether the middle, right, or left mouse buttons are currently being held down, if the respective bit is set. Middle = bit 2 (value=4), right = bit 1 (value=2), left = bit 0 (value=1)."

This indicates that:

 * Bit 0: Left Mouse Button
 * Bit 1: Right Mouse Button
 * Bit 2: Middle Mouse Button

Whilst the table of 'byte 1' says that the Right Mouse Button is bit 0. Is it just me or is there something wrong with the table or the text?

EDIT: I'll change this in a moment, just tested it and bit 0 is left mouse button, bit 1 is right mouse button and bit 2 is the middle mouse button.

-- Creature 12:51, 2 July 2009 (GMT + 1)

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