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Now that we're in Protected Mode, the various registers need to be initialized for the new context - most of these can't even be accessed while in Real Mode!


; Exec/
; This finalises the initialisation of the CPU now that we're in Protected Mode.
; The Segment registers are loaded with PM-friendly values, and other registers
; are set up as needed.
; This is also the time to initialise the global Data area - at least, that part
; that wasn't set up by Boot. There was no real need to store the data in the
; Boot image - most of it is run-time generated anyway.
; And since this is a multi-tasking system that uses TSSs, the Task Register
; needs to be set up, to store the current context before switching to the new
; one. That means allocating a TSS, and initialising it with sensible values.
                ; Initialise EFlags
                PUSH   DWORD    x86.EFlags.1
                ; Point to global Data
                MOV             AX,Selector(GDT.Data, GDT, RPL0)
                MOV             DS,AX           ; Try to keep this here
                ; Point to Screen
                MOV             AX,Selector(GDT.VGA, GDT, RPL0)
                MOV             ES,AX           ; This will be used for lots
                MOV             FS,AX           ; Try to keep this here
                ; Point to GDT. (With GS! How apt!)
                MOV             AX,Selector(GDT.Alias, GDT, RPL0)
                MOV             GS,AX           ; Try to keep this here
                MOV    DWORD    [Data.RAM],Demo.First
                MOV     BYTE    [Data.Key.Shifts],0
                ; Now allocate Exec's TSS. Use Exec's LDT!
                MOV             AX,Selector(GDT.Exec.LDT, GDT, RPL0)
                CALL            Exec.Alloc.TSS  ; Assume this will work!
                MOV             AH,0            ; Not a System TSS
                CALL            Exec.Alloc.TSS.Enable
                ; Now any Task Switch will let Exec resume later
                LTR             BX
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