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Jean Phillipe, open Hell's Forum!

(BTW... all links below NSFW)

Except here, here are a dozen Gordon Ramsays, all trying to run things their way, whether they have any standing to or not... and several dozen Josephs, Rajs, Melindas and Giovannis... and more than a few Crazy Amy Bouzaglos wandering in from OS Nightmares to make things even crazier.

Or perhaps comparing it to the Dark Souls fanbase would make more sense - except that "Get Good!" doesn't cover it really, though it is part of it all. Get Attitudinous may be closer to the mark.

Thing is, though, with a topic so demanding, and so focused, and so - dare I say it? - esoteric, that's sort of inevitable. It's like mountain climbing - it demands careful attention to detail, rigorous preparation, utmost skill, and - let's be honest here - a real egotistical streak, a belief that you can persevere and overcome. Even if, as I have argued, the skills used in OS dev don't really reflect those needed in other types of programming, it is still very much a test of one's ability to even get the most basic self-booting system going. It is a field which draws in people with strong beliefs and opinions, and no small amount of arrogance. It wouldn't be OS dev otherwise.

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