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It would be good to have an IDT problems page. But as by now, it's rather selfish. You're just asking for a solution to your problem. [1] is more appropriate for that (your problem might have been discussed times and times, try with the search button). Once you got the answer, write a page on the wiki for that in a generic, NPOV, adaptable way. - Alfaomega08 (please sign your comments!)

Actually, there is an existing page on the subject at I Cant Get Interrupts Working, which sofar does not discuss crashes caused by broken setups because they are usually obvious enough for a fix. There's still some room for that though. A FAQ entry about help my kernel crashes could hold that part of the content. I propose a merge when the author fixed his own problems - Combuster 12:37, 9 February 2012 (CST)

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